Indian American Sumita Mitra Wins European Inventor Award 2021

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Indian-American chemist Sumita Mitra has won one of Europe’s most prestigious awards for her pioneering innovation in nanotechnology, allowing her to successfully integrate the same into dental materials, which in turn help to produce stronger and more aesthetically-pleasing fillings, reported The Indian Express.

She has been honoured with the European Inventor Award 2021 in the ‘Non-European Patent Office countries’ category which is presented annually by the European Patent Office (EPO) to recognise outstanding inventors from Europe and beyond.

Mitra used the emerging research field of nanotechnology to explore new developments that will help dentistry. Along with her team, she developed a technique for creating linked clusters of nanoparticles, termed ‘nanoclusters’.

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“The use of nanotechnology gave me the opportunity to make a new material,” Mitra said, adding: “It restores people’s smiles and improves their lives.”

"“Sumita Mitra took an entirely new path in her field, and demonstrated how technological innovation, protected by patents, can transform a sector.”" - Antonio Campinos, President, EPO as quoted by PTI

She was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2021 for her work and invention in nanotechnology in the dental field and was also inducted in the US National Inventor Hall of Fame.

After leaving the American multinational conglomerate corporation 3M in 2010, Mitra now runs her own chemical and material science consulting company called the Mitra Chemical Consulting in USA, along with her husband.

(With inputs from PTI and The Indian Express)

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