16 Times The Internet Proved It Is Only One Wrong Google Click Away From Explosion

I am standing here, shaking in terror, after rounding up these disturbing images from Reddit. So, if you choose to scroll down, I can't promise you'll sleep well tonight...

spongebob hiding under a blanket

1.Let's ease into things with this ~mildy~ frightful room in a doctor's office:

a creepy clown painted on a wall

2.And this photo of a person's "leg skin" after laser hair removal isn't that scary:

a lot of tiny bumps on their leg

3.This exhibit of the nerves inside the human body gives me a little fright but I'm still doing OK so far:

brain and veins replica laid out flat on a table

4.I TAKE IT BACK! These roaches coming out of this person's kitchen drain are making my skin crawl:

the drain is covered by the top of a pan and an army of roaches are trapped under it, coming from the drain

5.And speaking of drains, this person's shower drain was spewing actual poop:

dirty water and buckets trying to get everything out

6.But opening the door to see this will definitely give you a jump scare:


7.Seeing someone bathe in a tub of pickles is on the top of my "unsettling images" list:


8.And so is "seeing sardines swimming in a fridge drawer":


9.This house speaks for itself in the fear department. It was so infested with bed bugs you could see imprints of the bugs after they removed the stuff hanging from the walls:

the outline of what was on the wall with the tiny marks of the bed bugs

10.And this stain feels too icky to just be "random":

it's looks like an outline of a person is on the carpet with blood

11.This one isn't necessarily scary... OK yes, it is. Stuffing your face inside a plush koala and cutting eye holes is the definition of fright:


12.Imagine having to use the restroom really bad, then opening the door to find this disturbing Bugs Bunny ready to seat you:


13.These three creatures are sure to haunt your nightmares:

creepy wood creatures with hairy faces and human like eyes

14.And this "spider bug" looks like it's about the wake from the dead at any moment:

the shell of a beatle volkswagon car is made into the body of a large metal spider installation

15.The X-Ray of this person who dislocated their ankle and broke their fibula in half:


16.And this guy that I am dubbing "pea man" because I wish I never saw him:

eyes, nose, and mouth are filled with peas

What photo scared you the most?! Let us know in the comments.