Decorator Crab's Camouflage Doesn't Fool Diver

A diver captured “cool” footage of a decorator crab with its trademark plant camouflage walking under the waters of Edithburgh Jetty, South Australia, video shared to Instagram on July 17 shows.

Undersea photographer Jules Casey filmed the crustacean as she was enjoying a vacation in South Australia.

She told Storyful that she stopped for a morning dive under Edithburgh Jetty. “As we were finishing our dive, I noticed this handsome-looking decorator crab taking a stroll in the shallows.”

According to the Australian Museum, a decorator crab’s carapace is covered with hooks so it can attach algae, seaweed, and other plants to itself to assist in camouflage.

Casey added that she had “never seen one this big before.”

She published the footage to her Instagram account with the caption: “He’s so cool … ‘You can’t see me, I’m just a piece of weed’.” Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

Video Transcript