I'm a Celebrity's Danielle Harold has unexpected frog encounter

danielle harold, nick pickard and jamie lynn spears in i'm a celebrity
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I'm a Celebrity 2023 spoilers follow.

Former EastEnders star Danielle Harold has had an unexpected encounter with a frog in I'm a Celebrity.

The National Television Award winner has had her fair share of heated confrontations during her years in Albert Square, but even a furious Phil Mitchell may not have prepared her for the ITV1 reality show's latest episode.

Viewers saw Danielle being woken up just before 4am in the jungle when a frog jumped on her body.

The frog was quite active, jumping from the actress's hand onto her face before it scuttled off into the camp.

danielle harold on i'm a celebrity

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The following morning, Danielle confided in Hollyoaks legend Nick Pickard that she'd had a very close amphibian encounter while trying to sleep.

"Oh no, babes," Nick cringed.

Danielle took the whole situation in good humour, joking with her fellow soap star that she wondered if her frog encounter was a secret Bushtucker Trial.

"A frog on my face... why me? Why was there a frog on my face… agh! Do I get a star for that or something?" she asked in the Bushtucker Telegraph.

danielle harold, nick pickard and jamie lynn spears in i'm a celebrity

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This light-hearted moment came between segments where Danielle's fellow campmates competed to win luxury items from the Jungle Vending Machine.

Marvin Humes, Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew managed to collect 23 coins as they endured the Misery Motel trial, allowing them to buy five stars for camp, an apron for Fred and even some chocolate.

Nella Rose and Frankie Dettori weren't nearly as successful when they faced the Dreaded Beds trial, as they failed to win any coins for the Jungle Vending Machine.

As the duo learned they'd missed out on the camp's luxury items, Nella admitted: "I feel devastated."

I'm a Celebrity… airs on ITV1 and ITVX.

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