I'm a Celebrity airs first full eating trial of the series

nella rose and nigel farage take part in jungle pizzeria bushtucker trial day 2
I'm a Celebrity airs first full eating trialITV/Shutterstock

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here saw Nella Rose and Nigel Farage take on the series' first eating trial in tonight's (November 20) episode.

During the premiere last night, the duo were told they had been voted to take part in the challenge by the viewers, and tonight we saw them head to the Jungle Pizzeria.

Here they were tasked with eating slices of pizza... but with it being a bushtucker trial, the toppings were a lot more interesting (and disgusting) than what you'd find on the menu at Pizza Hut.

Pizza on offer included ‘Pepper Groaney’, ‘Veggie Scarian’ and am‘Quattro For-gag-io’.

nella rose and nigel farage take part in jungle pizzeria bushtucker trial day 2

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Nella's first pizza had toppings of mealworms and scorpion, while Nigel faced camel and sheep udders. Nella also faced snails, spiders and fermented duck egg and Nigel got stuck into camel, goat and crocodile anuses.

Nella gagged and tried her best not to vomit her way through the dishes, but kept her sense of humour, joking that "No one’s ever going to marry me after this!"

"This has the potential to really depress you for weeks," Nigel said of one of his offerings. And as he faced fermented vomit fruit and fermented plums he asked: "Good god, is this what it’s come to?"

nigel farage on i'm a celebrity day 2

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While both campmates got through their first four offerings with relative ease, the final pizza slice was a step too far for Nella.

After the salted and fermented sea herring topped pizza was placed on the table, Ant and Dec commented on how pungent the smell was. The pizza and smell was so overwhelming that Nella refused to even try it.

Nigel’s final pizza, meanwhile, was made up of four different animal penises – sheep and pig topped with bull and crocodile.

"Four penises on one slice. You really get value for money in this restaurant," Ant joked, before asking Nigel if he had eaten penis before.

"Not regularly, no. This would not be top of the list," Nigel replied.

After eating the pizza, Nigel thought he was done, but Ant and Dec made him finish off the last few crumbs of penis on the plate. He did just that and Nella and Nigel walked away with nine out of 10 stars for camp.

I'm a Celebrity… is airing on ITV1 and ITVX.

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