I'm An Airport Baggage Handler – Please Do This 1 Thing Before Packing Sex Toys

When you’re going away for a little, shall we say, fun in the sun, you might find yourself concerned about the baggage handlers in the airport seeing the sex toys you’ve brought with you.

Of course it’s natural, lots of people have sex, in fact, it’s how any of us even got here but at the same time... it can feel a little awkward to confront a stranger with your preferences.

Now, chances are, they don’t care. Much like a doctor performing an intimate examination, what you’ve got stowed away is nothing a baggage handler hasn’t seen before and it’s not exactly the kind of thing that they need to watch out for, for security purposes.

If you do care, though, you’re not alone. In fact, one Redditor took to the website to ask how to ‘minimise embarrassment’ when travelling with sex toys and of course people were more than willing to offer their advice.

How to hide sex toys when travelling

Writing on /r/travel, the user said that they were planning on backpacking across Europe and were hoping to take a strap-on with them. They asked, ” My question is are there any tips or anything you guys have to minimise my embarrassment for when it is checked when I go through security both leaving the US and going into other countries in Europe.”

As luck would have it, an ex-baggage handler spotted the thread and offered helpful advice.

User ’Tweezer606060″ commented, “Ex baggage-handler here... We know what that buzzing sound is in your luggage... Take the battery out before you pack your special friend away.”

They added that when a suitcase is vibrating, baggage handlers have the option of either calling security for the bag to be taken away and bomb proofed, potentially leading to flight delays or they take your bag to the side and turn off the toy – potentially risking their job to save time and risking that it’s not an actual bomb.

Basically, unless it’s a danger to everybody in the airport, baggage handlers don’t care what’s in your bag and as commenter Cocuke said, “You are not going to catch anyone off guard, no matter what you put in your luggage.

“These people see everything, everyday. Your toys won’t be the first they have seen, even on that day.”