Idina Menzel is ready to cash in on the 'favor' John Travolta 'owes' her

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night, the cast of Frozen 2 stopped by and, while there, Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell talked about how excited they are to be honored with a double Walk of Fame star ceremony later this month.

Following the news Thursday afternoon, Menzel tweeted: "This is surreal. Overwhelmed with gratitude." 

However, Menzel said she's been having a bit of a challenge figuring out which two celebrities to ask to present her star, because she doesn't "have a lot of celebrity friends" that she feels "like bothering." However, Menzel does have one idea and it's a fantastic one. 

"I started to get really desperate and said to my publicist, 'You know, John Travolta owes me a favor.' I never called in that favor. He apologized to me years ago, he's like, 'Anything you need,' and I never called it in," said Menzel. 

If you recall, during the Oscars, in 2014, John Travolta notoriously mispronounced Menzel's name, when he introduced the singer as "Adele Dazeem" to the stage for her performance of the smash hit Frozen song "Let It Go." 

Even though Travolta issued an apology to Menzel two days later, and Menzel totally let it go, I think we can all agree, Menzel must call in that favor.