The Idea of Prince William Letting Prince Harry Back into His Life Is a "Total Fantasy"

members of the royal family attend events to mark the centenary of the raf
William Thinks Harry Betrayed Him for MoneyMax Mumby/Indigo - Getty Images

Prince Harry has flown to the United Kingdom to visit King Charles in the wake of his cancer diagnosis, and reportedly spent time with His Majesty yesterday (February 6). But not on the Duke of Sussex's agenda? Reconnecting with his estranged brother, Prince William.

A source told People that there are "no plans" for Harry to see William, but according to another insider who chatted to The Mirror, he'd be open to it. Per their insider, "The Duke's primary reason to travel to the UK is to visit his father. If the opportunity were to arise to see the Prince of Wales then the Duke would have gladly accepted it."

Either way, apparently Prince William is not having it.

An "old school friend" of the brothers (who has "remained loyal to William") spoke to The Daily Beast, saying "The news about their father is absolutely shocking, but I don’t think it means William wants to meet up with Harry and shake hands for the cameras. If the papers want to write that they are going to be having pints together and a heart to heart, they will, but in reality, the idea that William and Kate are ever, ever going to let Harry back into their lives, or trust him with any personal information ever again is a total fantasy. It’s simply not possible to exaggerate how bad and how damaged the relationship is, and how angry William is at Harry for betraying him for money.”

This source dramatically added, “This isn’t just two guys falling out. The point is, Harry betrayed the monarchy. He can’t be trusted, he is out.”

Here's to hoping everyone's able to put past drama aside for the sake of King Charles!

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