ICSC Commends Sens. Grassley and Cortez-Mastro for Introduction of the Combatting Organized Retail Crime Act of 2022

NEW YORK, September 30, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, ICSC announced its support of S.5046, the "Combatting Organized Retail Crime Act of 2022", introduced by Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Catherine Cortez-Mastro (D-NV) which is a pivotal step towards addressing the growing problem of organized retail theft (ORC); a crime which not only harms communities and retail centers but also threatens the safety of consumers and retail workers alike. ORC involves a criminal enterprise employing a group of individuals (2 or more) who steal substantial quantities of merchandise from a retailer(s). According to the Buy Safe America Coalition, as much as $68.9 billion worth of merchandise was stolen from retailers in 2019. The proposed legislation would adapt existing federal statutes to address some of the specific elements related to ORC.

The legislation recognizes the severity of the problem by creating a "National Organized Retail Crime Center" within the Department of Homeland Security which would provide needed coordination with federal law enforcement activities related to ORC, establish relationships with state and local law enforcement agencies, assist with investigations, and replicate information sharing with private retail companies.

"Organized retail crime is leading to more brazen and more violent attacks in retail stores and centers throughout the country, putting employees and consumers at risk," stated Tom McGee, President and CEO of ICSC. "We’re pleased that this legislation will allocate additional resources to help DHS, DOJ, and other enforcement agencies fight back against ORC and work to keep our communities safe."

In a recent survey of retail asset protection managers conducted by the Retail Industry Leaders Association, over 86% of respondents said retail associates had been verbally threatened with bodily harm, nearly 76% reported associates were physically assaulted or threatened with a weapon, and more than 40% of associates were harmed by a weapon used by an ORC criminal.

"In light of statistics like these, the Marketplaces Industry supports tougher legislation and is pleased that S. 5046 will broaden statutes dealing with the transport of stolen goods and receipt of stolen goods. Such measures will better target ORC activities and reflect the seriousness of these criminal acts," McGee said.

ICSC applauds this important development and supports enactment of the Combatting Organized Retail Crime Act of 2022 by Congress this year.

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