ICECOLD's Acrylics Exhibit Is an Ode to the Cultural Impact of Nail Art

Nothing compares to the feeling of having a fresh set of acrylics with a stylish personalized design, except for the click-clack sound that nails make across a keyboard or phone screen. ICECOLD's New York City Acrylics: Hidden Sculptural Art immersive exhibition is that feeling personified, as hundreds of red painted hands decked out in lavish acrylic nail art line the walls of the bright red room. The exhibit aims to "intimately dive into the complex world of nail art, revealing the intricate sculptural artistry that defines this unique medium," according to a statement.

Nails, beauty, art, exhibitions, new york city, icecold, acrylics
Nails, beauty, art, exhibitions, new york city, icecold, acrylics

Each unique nail set tells the story of the artist who created them, showcasing their creativity, voice and how profound personalized nail art can be. Leaning fully into nail culture and salon experiences, the exhibit also features a table, chair, LED lamp and other intricate details that instantly transports spectators back to their favorite local nail shop. The protruding hands on the walls give a modern and edgy upgrade to the typical design boards and polish sample wheels found in many salons.

All of the nail art in the showcase was created by nine nail artists: Melissa Samuel, Parvee Perry, Alexis Auer, Lesly Arrañaga, Stephanie Kao, Jalen Dominique, Momoka Takahashi, Sky Somalia, Aja Walton, and Marbles Valdez. To accompany the exhibit, the artists also aided in the creation of a 300-page book on the history and cultural impact of acrylic nail art.

The book highlights the diverse global origins of various nail designs and the intricate evolution of acrylics in American history. The book also touches on the communities that have been leading the nail movement for years serving as, "the creative foundations defined by Asian immigrants and Black Americans that have led to the international participation and artistic expressions we see in nail art today," according to a statement.

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