ICE agent comes after doctor on DACA-themed 'Grey's Anatomy'

Things got real on Grey's Anatomy as one of the interns at Grey-Sloan Memorial was facing deportation. Thursday's episode, titled "Beautiful Dreamer," took on the very hot-button topic of immigration when an ICE agent came for Dr. Bello.

Even though she has been a model citizen, the Dr. Bello had good reason to be scared. "I have a friend from high school. She was at work -- an intern in a law firm. ICE came to her work," Dr. Bello told Meredith Grey and Dr. Bailey. "They said that they just wanted to talk. Two days later, she was dropped off in Mexico City with a bag of clothes and a check from her family she had no way of cashing."

Since it is Grey's Anatomy, they, of course, randomly found something wrong with the ICE agent's heart. While they were doing a procedure to help him, the agent admitted that he doesn't really like what his job has become. He said, "I wanted to be the sheriff that rode in at the last minute and saved everyone. Now, I don't know what we're doing. Staking out schools, taking kids, doctors -- I don't know what we're doing anymore."

Since it turned out that Dr. Bello had recently run a red light, she was in real danger of being deported back to El Salvador, the country her family had fled from when she was just a baby. But that's when Meredith saved the day. She got Dr. Bello accepted into the Cardiothoracic Program at Klausman Institute where Dr. Yang now works. (Shout out to Sandra Oh!) While it's cool she gets to work with Dr. Yang, it's still terrible that she was forced to leave the country and the people she loves.

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