Hyperkin Previews Remake of Xbox's Original Model S Controller

Over the past two decades, Sony has tweaked the look and feel of the Xbox’s controllers time and time again. Original fans of the Xbox may be feeling nostalgic for the OG controller but they’ll soon be able to get their hands on a modified replica.

Gaming accessories maker Hyperkin has created the DuchesS, a revamped version of the Model S controller that launched with the first Xbox as a smaller alternative to the mainstay Duke controller.

The Model S wasn’t too well known, having launched only in Japan. Sony, however, has refined the design over the years and some of the latest Xbox controllers appear quite similar to the Model S.

Announced at CES 2024, Hyperkin is maintaining the classic look on the controller while updating it with modern features such as Hall Effect joysticks, per IGN.

Images shared on social media show the DuchesS in white and black colorways. While Hyperkin hasn’t shared its compatibility capabilities, it’s expected to work with Xbox Series X and S.