Hyderabad-based organisation collects pre-used cycles, repairs and donates them to the needy

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Members of Happy Hyderabad donating a cycle (Photo/ANI)
Members of Happy Hyderabad donating a cycle (Photo/ANI)

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], August 1 (ANI): In a bid to help the needy, Happy Hyderabad, a community-based organisation has undertaken Project Diya in which they collect pre-used cycles from people who wish to donate, repair them and give them to the needy.

Speaking to ANI, Co-founder of Happy Hyderabad, Dinesh said "As part of Project Diya, we have created a platform where people can donate their pre-used cycles to us. We repair them at a workshop where we have a mechanic and thereafter donate it to the needy who approach us."

"By donating bicycles to them, we want to ignite a diya in their lives. Hence the name Project Diya," he added.

By providing refurbished cycles, the members of the organisation aim to bring relief to the poor from the costs of transportation.

"We want to make sure that everyone who suffers financially especially daily wage labourers and female workers get relief from transport costs," said Ravi who is also a member of Happy Hyderabad club.

He further informed that no money is involved in the process.

"We all work purely on a voluntary basis. We are all employees and students who want to work for society. Even the workshop where bicycles are repaired and logistics support are from volunteers themselves," Ravi said.

In addition to helping the poor, the initiative also promotes pollution-free means of transportation.

"So far, many have come forward to donate their bicycles and we are hoping to deliver more bicycles," said Ravi. (ANI)

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