Husband creates Taylor Swift advent calendar—this is what Swiftie dreams are made of

taylor swift advent calendar
wetheseekers / TikTok

In a world of “if he wanted to, he would,” one husband is winning ALL of the awards.

Jake posts DIY videos featuring himself, his wife and their projects on TikTok. His recent video showcasing a Taylor Swift advent calendar he created for her is going viral because it is amazing.

Jake’s Taylor Swift advent calendar is a replica of the Lover house—Swifties know this is the house that has a different colored room for each of Taylor Swift’s albums.

The Lover house was brought to life in the Eras Tour. When you see this DIY advent calendar, you’ll honestly wonder why companies haven’t thought of this because it is a guaranteed sell for any hardcore Swift fan.

The video is captioned “Making my wife a Taylor Swift advent calendar,” and it’s set to Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm,” song giving it the perfect vibe.

The process of creating the Lover house is shown, from measuring to cutting and stapling to assembling. The finished product looks awesome. Jake not only painted each “room” exactly like the OG Lover house but he also included gifts in each room and in the end you get to see his wife reaction.

The first gift she opens is a small gift box with a paper ring inside—referring to Swift’s song “Paper Rings.” Ah, be still my heart.

Thoughtful gifts always win. The idea that someone notices how much you love something and then showers you with a gift that shows how much they pay attention is top tier. When gifts are handmade, they are already extra-special so, this DIY advent calendar is on another level entirely.

Jake also wrote, “she’s counting down to see Taylor she may as well countdown to Christmas as well swiftie style with a lover house advent calendar,” so if you were wondering if she’s going to catch the Eras Tour concert, she is!

The internet loves “if he wanted to, he would” energy (as do we all). The viral video racked up over 4 million views and so many supportive comments.

“idk what i want more a husband like you or the TS advent calendar house”

“I’m crying. This is the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while”

“where do we find these men”

“omg… i never thought that true love existed… now i change my mind”