'Hunter x Hunter' Creator Yoshihiro Togashi Gives Fans a Health Update

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While Yoshihiro Togashi recently let his fans know that he is working on new chapters of Hunter x Hunter -- his last release was back in 2018 -- many manga readers were curious about his current state of health.

No secret that he has been going through a debilitating illness, on top of a demanding work schedule, the Hunter x Hunter/Yu Yu Hakusho creator updated fans over Twitter with, "My symptoms have not improved and I have had to spend a great deal of time in treatment and recovery." And "I still had to take a shower every time I took a crap because I could not get into a position to wipe my butt. Every movement takes 3 to 5 times longer than usual."

Teasing rough drafts, Togashi-san also revealed that he is currently working on backgrounds for chapter 399.

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