Hunter buys lottery ticket at Missouri Walmart on trip to buy deer tag. He won $100,000

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Scott Sharpe

Expecting there would be a line to buy his deer tag, a Missouri hunter decided to purchase a lottery ticket to scratch off while waiting.

The man bought a $30 ticket from the Missouri Lottery’s “Big Riches” Scratchers game at the Walmart in Fulton, according to a Nov. 22 news release.

“He began scratching his numbers on the ticket without revealing the prizes and immediately noticed he won on the first two numbers,” Missouri Lottery said. “Continuing to scratch the ticket, he soon realized he had won big.”

So, instead of buying a deer tag as he had planned, the hunter went home to find out how much he won.

“I tallied it up, and it was $100,000,” the hunter told Missouri Lottery. The man was not identified in the news release.

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