Humboldt council approves design work for future road projects

Humboldt council authorized the Public Works department to proceed with the design work for future projects on Fourth Avenue and Sixth Avenue.

Peter Bergquist, Humboldt’s Public Works and Utilities Director, submitted the recommendation at the October 23rd regular council meeting. Berquist wrote in his report that the city attempts to prepare and tender projects early in the year to achieve favorable pricing from contractors. In order to tender early in the year some elements such as fall surveying and detail design over winter are typically desired.

The Fourth Avenue project would see curbing, road rebuilding, storm water control and repaving between 10th Street and 14th Street. Bergquist told council the project is slated for next year. The estimated cost of the design work is $44,200.

As for Sixth Avenue, the plan is to improve the storm channel east of Second Street. The estimated cost of the design work is $40,000.

"This one was anticipated for 2026," Bergquist told council. "However, with a grant being received for the Carl Schenn project, we now have funds that are available to continue our storm water projects."

City of Humboldt staff will now engage the appropriate contractors and consultants for the work.

With council approval the requested work would help accelerate the projects anticipated for 2024 and get tendering completed early in 2024.

Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,