HumanN and ThermoLife Mutually Agree To End Legal Disputes

AUSTIN, Texas, October 06, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Human Power of N Company ("HumanN") and ThermoLife International, LLC ("ThermoLife") are pleased to announce that they have mutually agreed to end their legal disputes and focus on their industry-leading supplement businesses. Both HumanN and ThermoLife look forward to many years of cooperative synergy leading the beetroot supplement market to new groundbreaking innovations that will further benefit millions of Americans across the country.

About HumanN Power of N Company

HumanN was founded in affiliation with a leading academic research program and is committed to promoting healthy circulatory and blood flow function for optimal living as well as other functional foods and nutritional supplements. The innovators at HumanN bring forth smart, plant-based, and nutrition-forward science in the form of supplements in innovative form factors (powders, chews, gummies, tablets), to meet the demands of modern, health-conscious consumers. Its products are widely used by physicians, consumers, and athletes alike, including over 120 Professional and Division One Collegiate sports teams. HumanN is a pioneer in the field of beet-based and polyphenol enervation of Nitric Oxide, a vital molecule in healthy circulation. HumanN’s product lines include #1 selling beet-based brands and leading product franchises such as SuperBeets, BeetElite, and Neo40.

About ThermoLife International, LLC

Founded in 1998, ThermoLife is a world leader in patented ingredients and technology for use in dietary supplements, specializing in sports nutrition. ThermoLife controls a global patent portfolio of well over 40 patents spanning more than 15 countries including more than 2,000 claimed inventions regarding nitrates in dietary supplements. ThermoLife collaborates with leading manufacturers in the sports nutrition and dietary supplement industry to provide innovative ingredients to help companies offer superior patent-protected products to end users. ThermoLife’s patented nitrate technology can also be readily recognized by products bearing the NO3-T® trademark.

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