Hugh Grant Sent Jerry Seinfeld The Most Unexpected Text After Making Movie Together

Jerry Seinfeld clearly got a kick out of working with Hugh Grant on the upcoming movie “Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story.”

“He’s so funny. And we had lots of fights,” Seinfeld said during a Thursday appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

“He’s a pain in the ass to work with. He’s horrible,” the comedian joked. “He tells you before you work with him, ‘You’re gonna hate this.’ And he’s so right.”

In “Unfrosted” ― a comedy about the invention and introduction of the Pop-Tart in the 1960s, directed by Seinfeld himself ― Grant plays Thurl Ravenscroft, the actor who for decades supplied the voice of Tony the Tiger.

On “The Tonight Show,” Seinfeld recalled having dinner one evening with Grant, which he called “the best night.”

Jerry Seinfeld joked that Hugh Grant was
Jerry Seinfeld joked that Hugh Grant was "horrible" to work with on the upcoming comedy "Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story" -- but it seems the two got along like cereal and milk. Getty

“We shot for 10 weeks, and that night that he and I had dinner. And we got drunk, having dinner — that was the greatest night,” Seinfeld told Fallon. ”’Cause he’s so cool and he’s that English thing, you know, that witty ― he looks good in a jacket.”

Seinfeld explained that on Thursday, Grant even sent him a surprising (and dare we say sweet) text after viewing “Unfrosted” for the very first time.

“Just watched the film. To my great surprise I liked it. Laughed out loud,” the text from Grant said. “All actors were good. Even you. Love, Hugh.”

Grant is known for his notoriously “grumpy” behavior, as attested by various co-stars over the years.

Drew Barrymore, who starred in “Music and Lyrics” alongside the British actor in 2007, described what it’s like to work with Grant.

“You think you’re getting this charming movie star, and what you really get is grumpy Hugh,” Barrymore said on her show last year. “And then you fall in love with grumpy Hugh.”

“Unfrosted” is set for a May 3 release on Netflix.