Huge shark passes right next to fishing boat off the coast of South Carolina

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Story and video from SWNS

A group of tourists on a fishing trip watched in horror as a 30-foot shark circled their boat off the coast of South Carolina.

They feared the massive hunter was a Great White at first. But fortunately for everyone on the boat, it was a harmless Basking Shark that primarily feeds on plankton.

Jack Speer, 22, a business student at Coastal Carolina, said: “We thought it was too big to be a shark. Then we thought it was a Great White because it had a similarly pointed fin.

“It went right under my buddy’s boat, which is 23-feet. It was easily four or five feet longer than the boat.

“He was not shy at all. He was doing laps around the boat the whole time. Basking Sharks don’t even eat other fish, so I wasn’t nervous.

“If it was actually a Great White it would have been a different story.”