Huge ‘lava cavern’ sits under cute home for sale in Hawaii. Take a look — if you dare

Real estate gurus are losing their marbles over an affordable house for sale in Hawaii — and for good reason.

A one-bath, studio apartment-like yurt is listed in Mountain View, Hawaii, for $179,000, and while it comes with some nifty features and a stunning view, there’s one extra that will have you saying “whoa” a few times over.

And the listing doesn’t reveal the cool secret for a few paragraphs.

“Tucked away approximately 500 feet down a tropically landscaped driveway is this lovely, 30 foot yurt from Pacific Yurts,” the listing on says. “Tastefully furnished with bamboo furniture from Bali, this is your off grid oasis.

“There is a separate, lava rock shower house just down from the spacious back lanai. The 2 acres are landscaped with many varieties of exotic palms, rainbow eucalyptus, anthuriums in dozens of different shapes and colors, red and torch ginger, carnivorous plants, native koa trees, citrus and many different varieties of orchids planted amongst the ohia trees.”

In the photos, there’s a large, curious-looking hole in the ground with a ladder protruding into darkness. The photos show that below the surface is a cave, but not just an ordinary cave.

@zillowtastrophes Would you climb down? $179,000 0bd 1 ba 707 sqft 11-3362 Pikake St, Mountain View, HI 96771 #hawaii #zillowtastrophe #offgrid #realestate #caveexploring #oah #greenscreen ♬ Hawaiian - The Young Ebenezers

“Located just off the back porch is an entrance to a natural lava tube. In 2009, the seller intended to install a cesspool to convert the composting toilet to a conventional one, however the machine operator got about 6 feet down and had opened up a skylight into a deep, lava cavern,” the listing explains.

“Exploration of the cavern uncovered many forms of stalagmites and stalactites that had naturally formed over many many years of water seeping through the porous rock above and creating these incredible lava rock formations dripping down from the ceiling and piling up on the ground below like hot wax dripping from a candle.”

The lava tube caught the attention of @zillowtastrophes, a popular TikTok page exploring unique houses on the market, and people were mystified.

“Sorry, but just knowing this was under my house would be too much for me,” the creator of the page said when looking at the photos.

“Yeah, and I’m gonna do paid tours of my new lava tunnel basement,” one person said in the comment section.

“It’s in paradise. It’s cheaper than renting an apartment for three years,” another noted. “Yeah I’m there.”

“But does that include volcano insurance?” someone asked.

The listing is held by Kahili Hahn with Venture Sotheby’s International Realty.

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