Howard Stern Wanted to See More Taylor Swift During the Super Bowl: ‘I Thought It Wasn’t Enough’ | Video

There’s been a lot of debate in recent months about how much Taylor Swift is too much Taylor Swift for an NFL broadcast, but there’s one high-profile Super Bowl viewer who wanted more — Howard Stern.

The longtime radio broadcaster and host of “The Howard Stern Show” reflected on the big game during Monday’s episode of his show. While some folks were fuming about the “Eras” star’s constant presence in the stands, particularly conservative male football fans, Stern got caught up in the romance of it all.

“I found myself again rooting for Kansas City,” Stern said. “I liked the whole Taylor Swift with the Travis Kelce drama.”

“You know, I have to say that I’m now buying that Taylor Swift is madly in love with him,” cohost Robin Quivers added. “They had a makeout session after the game on-camera.”

Indeed, one of America’s all-time most publicized celebrity romances hit a new high at the Super Bowl on Sunday, when Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs eked out an overtime win and Kelce locked lips with his pop princess paramour on the field to celebrate.

It was just one of several Swift moments that went viral during and after the game, which she spent celebrating and chugging beer in the stands with a star-studded ensemble that included rapper Ice Spice and actress Blake Lively. While the record-breaking singer-songwriter has earned plenty of discourse (and some outright conspiracy theories) for her regular presence at the games this year, Stern was a fan it.

Taylor Swift attends the Super Bowl (Getty Images)
Taylor Swift attends the Super Bowl (Getty Images)

“I like when they went to Taylor Swift in the box,” Stern said.

And when show correspondent Jon Hein (who happens to be the creator of informed the host that Swift was actually shown in the broadcast more than expected, Stern still wanted more.

“They hit the ‘over’ on showing Taylor by the third quarter,” Hein said. “It was five-and-a-half times, and they totally exceeded that.”

“I thought it wasn’t enough,” Stern replied. “I would have liked a couple more shots of what was going on in that skybox. Every time they went to Joe Montana, I was like, we don’t want to see — no offense to Mr. Montana — we want to see Taylor Swift and what’s doing in that skybox.”

But that’s not all. Stern also thinks this all-Americana romantic whirlwind only has one destination: the altar.

“And then you make out on the field, and the world is watching? This is mind-blowing attention, this is worldwide.” he continued. “They’ve got to get married. There’s no turning back. Now, they can’t break up. They gotta get married. There’s got to be a payoff.”

See Stern’s discussion about Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl in the video below:

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