Hot Pockets Teams Up with ‘Hot Ones’ to Release the ‘Hottest Pockets Ever’

The extra spicy collaboration will include four flavors of Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets will truly live up to the name now.

The food brand announced that it is teaming up with the First We Feast YouTube channel (creator of the popular hot sauce tasting show Hot Ones) to bring fans a seriously spicy Hot Pocket.

The four new Hot Pocket flavors will use some of the sauces featured on the show, which sees celebrities eat increasingly spicier versions of the condiment.

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The four flavors play with a range of heat levels. On the milder end, the spicy garlic chicken and bacon Hot Pockets get a kick of the Hot Ones’ classic garlic fresno hot sauce.

Two of the other flavors promise to turn up the heat with the red and green variations of the Hot Ones Los Calientes hot sauce. The smoky green chile cheesesteak uses the Los Calientes Verdes sauce while the hot habanero pepperoni and sausage hot pocket use the Los Calientes Rojo variation to bring the heat.

The final flavor dares to be the “hottest pockets evers,” according to the Hot Pockets website. The fiery hot pepperoni uses Hot Ones’ infamous Last Dab hot sauce, a condiment so spicy it often makes stars’ stomachs churn.

<p>Hot Pockets</p>

Hot Pockets

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Three of the new flavors will be available everywhere the original freezer snack is sold starting this September for $3.29.

The fiery hot pepperoni Hot Pockets will be available exclusively on Gopuff for $5.49.

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In May 2022, the freezer-aisle favorite attempted a change-up on the opposite end of the heat spectrum with their first ever cold pockets.

The idea behind the thaw-and-eat sandwiches was that people could take their new Hot Pocket Deliwiches out of the freezer in the morning, thaw for two to four hours and then enjoy them at lunchtime.

Each variety combined deli meat (except for the vegetarian cheese melt) and real cheese in a soft roll pocket.

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