New Hospitality Workplace Survey Reveals Key Motivators, Factors Behind Positive Employee Sentiment

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The report reveals nearly 1 in 5 servers find that their hourly wage is “not motivating at all”

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SparkPlug, the leading employee incentive management platform for frontline workers, today released the results from its annual hospitality industry survey, Compensation & Motivation: Insights From the Frontlines of the Foodservice Industry. The report examines the current compensation structure of food industry workers and uncovers the motivating factors that drive employee retention and performance.

The report surveyed 500 workers in the food service industry, highlighting frontline worker sentiment across establishment types and experience levels. Key findings from the survey reveal new insights into how business owners can implement changes to current compensation and training models that will increase employee retention and productivity amid the current hiring frenzy.

The report comes as food service workers continue to quit at rates two times national average, with 6% of the workforce quitting in March 2022. As the industry continues to rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic, employers are struggling to hire fast enough to keep up with demand, with low wages, poor working conditions, and inflation continuing to plague the industry.

Top insights from the 2022 Compensation & Motivation Survey Include:

  • Employees list growing their skills and performance incentives as top motivators, while hourly wages, free foods, and tips remained some of the least motivating factors

  • Employees whose workplace offers incentive programs reported feeling more valued by their managers

  • Nearly 75% of servers with five or more years experience reported having “significant influence” over consumers purchasing decisions

“It is no secret that the pandemic exacerbated the existing structural inequities that the restaurant industry has been built upon,” said Andrew Duffy, Co-Founder and CEO of SparkPlug. “However, the Great Resignation has given workers the upper hand for the first time in decades, and hospitality owners and operators have the opportunity to radically rethink industry compensation and incentive structures. We believe this playbook can serve as a conversation starter to redevelop compensation in a sustainable manner that makes a career in hospitality a viable option for workers across the country.”

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