Horrifying fall on 'American Idol' has judges and viewers in complete shock

American Idol's Hollywood week is known to be the most grueling week of the entire season. During Monday night's Duets Challenge, that pressure took its toll on contestant Funke Lagoke.

During rehearsals, Lagoke and her duet partner Ronda Felton bonded over their shared trauma and struggles with self-esteem. However, Lagoke had admitted that the "emotional rollercoaster ride" of the past 24 hours had gotten to her. After a not-so-perfect performance, which Lionel Richie called a "trainwreck," Lagoke just couldn't handle it anymore.

Richie had barely started his stern critique when Lagoke fainted, and she hit the stage floor, face-first, with such blunt force that the thump echoed throughout the Dolby Theater. This wasn’t the first time that Idol viewers had witnessed a stressed contestant suffer a health scare, freak accident, or fainting spell during the grueling Hollywood Week process, but Lagoke’s tumble might have been the scariest and most dramatic moment yet. A helpless Felton was screaming, and Katy Perry was horrified, covering her face with her hands, as she, Richie, and fellow judge Luke Bryan scurried to the stage and medics arrived on the scene.

Funke was then whisked away by ambulance to the hospital for dehydration treatment and possible stitches in her chin; the situation could have been much, much worse, and the contestants were reassured that Funke would be able to return to the competition. Why? Because, as Richie later revealed to the shell-shocked Felton, the judges had been planning all along to put Felton and Lagoke through to the next round, despite that “trainwreck” comment.