Hoping For A Tax Rebate? Martin Lewis Has A Warning For You

As we draw ever nearer to a new tax year there’s one question on our minds – “will I get a much-needed tax rebate?”.

But while we sit with our fingers crossed for an unexpected sum of cash, money saving expert Martin Lewis has urged us all to check whether we’re eligible to claim back even more.

Speaking on his ITV show, The Martin Lewis Money Show, this week, he explained to viewers that those of us who work in uniform can actually claim a tax rebate back on how much it costs to maintain it.

The minimum allowance is £60 a year, which Lewis explained would mean a £12 a year gain on the basic rate of tax, or £24 on the higher rate.

However, the money saving pro shared that you can actually claim back even more than that as the claims can be backdated over the last five years.

But what counts as a ‘uniform’? It can be anything from a branded T-shirt to a complete outfit – even if you only wore it once in the entire year, you’re still eligible for the money.

And depending on your job, you can claim even more. According to Lewis, firefighters and fire officers are entitled to £80, whilst pilots and co-pilots can claim £1,022. Nurses and midwives can also claim for shoes, socks and tights in addition to their standard allowance of £125.

You’ll need to act quickly as as Lewis warns, the tax year end in April is the cut off for any claims.