'Home Town' Star Erin Napier Apologizes to Fans after "Gruff" Interaction

new york, new york   january 08 erin napier attends build series to discuss the new season of home town at build studio on january 08, 2020 in new york city photo by manny carabelgetty images
Erin Napier Shocks Fans with Hidden TalentManny Carabel

Erin Napier is a woman of many talents. The mom of two small children and wife to Ben is an HGTV star, small-town advocate, and best-selling author, and she even has an incredible singing voice. It should come as no surprise that she is also an accomplished artist. But, after she showcased her skills in a recent Instagram post, many fans were in awe of this side of Erin.

The Home Town star shared a photo of an original painting, as well as the house that inspired her. Erin explained that she was "super focused" on her project and may have not been as friendly as usual with people who stopped to talk to her. Erin kept it real in her post, even referring to herself as a "puffy-eyed allergic troll" and saying she looked like "last year’s bird nest."

Erin paired the gorgeous photo with these words: "Today I woke up, put on clothes for a walk, strolled the neighborhood then spent the morning painting a neighbor’s house. I didn’t wear makeup. I didn’t brush my hair. I looked like last year’s bird nest. I apologize for being gruff with the visitors who stopped their cars to chat with me: I was super focused on quickly changing shadows and wearing headphones that were blasting my fall playlist even though it was 101° today while looking like a puffy-eyed allergic troll. Thanks for your understanding. 🤗"

Fans showered Erin with hundreds of comments. Singer/songwriter Holly Williams wrote, "Excuse me!!!!!!!!! You painted this?!?! How do I hire you STAT🙌🙌 ❤️❤️🙌❤️🙌❤️ This is literally stunning." Others jumped in with, "So much talent 🙌❤️," "This is incredible!! You are so talented, Erin! What a gift!" and "good for you! You don’t need to apologize to anyone."

Of course, long-time fans will know that Erin is an accomplished artist. In fact, she has a degree in fine arts and sells her original work at her Laurel Mercantile shop.

Erin confirmed that they've finished filming season 6 of Home Town and "it won’t be long till it’s on your TV!" Until then, we'll look forward to more glimpses into her everyday life.

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