5 home projects you can do in a weekend this winter

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With more time spent indoors, winter is the perfect time to tackle projects around the house. From renovations you can complete in one weekend to cleaning tips for every room, Canadian Tire and Yahoo are bringing you everything you need for the season.

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Photo via Getty Images

It’s winter, and since the weather outside is frightful, many people are turning their attention to home improvement tasks.

The transition makes complete sense given the amount of time we spend in our abodes during the colder months. With more time spent indoors, it’s the perfect time to knock projects off your list that you may have been putting off to create a relaxing, peaceful oasis for your family to enjoy.

If you’re nervous about D.I.Y. repairs or unsure of what you can do to spruce up your home without diving into a month-long reno project, we totally understand. Home projects can be costly and time-consuming — but they also don’t have to be. Today, we’re sharing some tips and tricks for completing easy home improvement projects you can in just a weekend.

Refresh your walls with paint

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

Painting your walls can seem like a daunting task, but with a few handy tools and a little guidance, you can get it done in a flash. It’s also one of the most cost effective ways to transform a space.

Start by ensuring you have the right tools and products. You’ll need painter’s tape, drop cloths, rollers, a set of paint brushes and of course, primer, sandpaper and paint.

If you’re not sure what type of paint to go with, Canadian Tire has a variety of paints to suit your needs. We’re big fans of the Premier line, especially their Ready To Roll paint in a bag. It comes in 14 gorgeous colours and has eco-conscious packaging, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by over half compared to a regular paint can. Best of all, its innovative packaging allows for mess-free pouring.

Prep your walls first and start by painting the edges with a chip brush. Use a roller for the bulk of the wall, painting in a zigzag pattern to achieve even coverage. Paint the trim last and ensure you make great use of that painter’s tape for sharp, clean edges.

Transform kitchen cabinets with shiny new hardware

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Photo via Getty Images

Knobs and handles are the small details that can make a world of difference. Replace dated pulls with a modern rose gold arch pull in one afternoon. Make this project super easy by measuring and buying pulls that have the same centre to centre distance as your previous pulls. This way, you can avoid having to fill in and drill new holes. All you need for this project is a screwdriver and your fancy new hardware. If you live in a small space, we recommend purchasing a tool that has multiple bits like the Picquic Original Screwdriver, 7-pc.

Update old school faucets

Photo via Canadian Tire
Photo via Canadian Tire

Sometimes you need to jump head first into a home improvement project to realize you’ve been psyching yourself out the whole time. Replacing a faucet doesn’t require the services of a plumber and is a task that will have a major impact on the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom.

Canadian Tire has dozens of faucets to accommodate your personal style. If you’re updating a kitchen faucet, the Moen Hadley 1-Handle Kitchen Faucet & Soap Dispenser, Brushed Nickel is one of our favourite options. It has a single-handle design with pulldown hose that offers flexible water delivery and comes with a stylish brushed nickel finish. The best part? It has a fingerprint and water spot-resistant finish.

The Delta Dryden 2-Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet is a simple, structural option that can instantly transform a drab bathroom into something sleek and chic. Available in both stainless and chrome finishes, you can easily match the fixture to your other finishes.

Make sure to have an adjustable wrench on hand, as this will be your main tool. If you have a wrench set like this one from Mastercraft, even better. A 3-in-One Professional High-Performance Penetrant is also recommended in case you need to loosen up rusty nuts and bolts.

The easiest way to replace your faucet is by picking one that has a similar configuration to your current faucet. Start by shutting off the water supply and disconnecting the water lines using a wrench. Your next move is to remove the previous mounting hardware and anchor your new faucet. Follow instructions to reconnect to your water supply lines as directed.

Refresh your bathroom caulking

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

Caulking around your tub and sinks can start looking discoloured and moldy fairly quickly due to its proximity to water. Luckily, caulking is a home improvement project that even beginners can easily accomplish.

For this D.I.Y. project, you’ll need a caulking gun, a caulk removal tool, painter’s tape, cleaning rags and the right type of caulk. Silicone caulk is typically used for wet areas and vinyl latex caulk is preferred for dry areas. GE Kitchen & Bath Silicone II is a great choice for a durable silicone caulk that’s mold and fray resistant.

Prep your area by thoroughly removing old caulk and cleaning the area with a rag soaked in rubbing alcohol. Apply two strips of painter’s tape to either side of where you want to deposit the caulk. Cut the tip of the nozzle to match the space you created and apply a fresh bead of caulk. Your last step is to wet your finger and run your hand across the caulk to smooth it down. Remove the painter’s tape while the caulk is still damp.

Add a photo wall

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

Turn a plain wall into a point of interest with a photo gallery wall. Start by figuring out the placement beforehand and marking where you want them each photo or picture hung. It's important to make use of a level at this stage so you don’t wind up with a fun house wall.

Believe it or not, you can hang a photo wall without any tools or wall hooks. For larger photos, use Command Large Picture Hanging Strips Value Pack and for light or medium photos, use Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips. Command strips are ideal for those who aren’t confident with tools or if you simply don’t want to puncture your walls.

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