Home chef baffles TikTok with her ‘stove-free’ egg-cooking hack: ‘This is so smart’

A TikToker is turning heads with her hack for how to cook eggs in the microwave.

The stove-free trick comes courtesy of a user named Kasandra (@akakasandra). The clip, posted on July 27, drew over 7 million views in just five days.

It’s easy to see why. For the lazy home chefs out there (this writer included), her hack seems like a game changer. Of course, many commenters questioned whether or not it works.

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In the clip, Kasandra explains that she starts by coating a paper plate with oil or butter. Then she cracks an egg over it.

Next, she covers it with another plate and microwaves the whole thing for 50 seconds.

“And there’s your perfect egg,” she says.

The TikToker adds that home chefs can adjust the runniness of their eggs by microwaving them for 10 seconds more or less, depending on their preference.

Her trick is just the latest egg-cooking hack to take TikTok by storm. Recently, users have gone viral with a trick for “salt-curing” eggs and then freezing them. There’s also a popular hack for making “grated” eggs to go with your avocado toast.

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In the case of Kasandra’s hack, some TikTokers had some pretty strong reactions.

“I’m calling the cops rn,” one user joked.

“I thought microwaving eggs was bad?” another asked.

Others, however, praised the trick. Many called it “genius.”

“This is so smart,” one user commented.

“OMG thank you … I’m 68 and have been cleaning pans for years and years. I want to hug you,” another wrote.

“As a college student, thank you,” another added.

OK, but is it safe to cook eggs in the microwave? The short answer is yes. However, you need to make sure you’re using a microwave-safe container. That means avoiding plates with a plastic film that could melt during cooking.

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