Holyrood transfers savings to waterworks

·1 min read

The Town of Holyrood will be moving some leftover capital works funding towards water work.

Some $348,000 in funding left over from existing Multi-Year Capital Works agreements will be put towards the sewage treatment plant and lift station upgrades, a water filtration system, and main water line pressure reducing valves.

Council voted to reallocate the funding during its February 9 meeting of council.

“This is great for the Town of Holyrood,” said Deputy Mayor Curtis Buckle. “With this cost sharing ratio, and with cost share with the government, it gives us a lot of room to do more projects without getting the money from our own bank or getting loans. Any of these jobs that are due that are cost shared, and we don’t have to take on 100 per cent of the cost on the back of taxpayers is great stuff, there’s no doubt…cost-sharing is great, and we have some great work identified in Holyrood through these projects, and it’s going to be great to see it done.”

Mark Squibb, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Shoreline News