Hollyoaks' Zoe Anderson makes incriminating discovery in Rayne story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Tuesday's (November 14) episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Wednesday.

Tonight's (Tuesday, November 14) Hollyoaks episode saw Zoe Anderson make an incriminating discovery in the Rayne Royce death storyline.

Fans of the soap will know that influencer Rayne was found drowned in a swimming pool in an episode at the end of September sparking a whodunit mystery.

In tonight's episode suspicions rose when Romeo and Prince discovered that the brewery marketing strategy was exploiting Rayne's murder calling the new beer "R.I.P.A".

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With everyone pointing fingers at Peri and with the police unable to identify who leaked the edited fake confession from her, Peri decided to follow Rayne's advice and 'own the narrative' by attending the brewery sponsorship.

After being pushed to her limits, Peri pointed out how many of the guests would have had motive to kill Rayne. "Every one of us here said we'd kill Rayne at the manor," she said.

Later, after Peri and his friends accused Zoe of the murder, Hunter chose to leave with Zoe. "They don't deserve you and I don't want them in my life either," Hunter said before telling Zoe she was his girlfriend.

When Hunter's back was turned, Zoe opened Prince's laptop to find the edited video of Peri and she jumped to the conclusion that Prince was responsible for the video - but was Prince behind it or is there another explanation?

Elsewhere, John Paul received a shocking offer from Carter when Carter gave John Paul an ultimatum - remain silent over the night they spent together and he'll give him his old job back.

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Following this, John Paul attempted to warn Maxine against Carter, who told John Paul her night with Carter "was a bit of fun, a one night stand that's all".

When Carter showed up at the McQueen's, he told Nana about the job offer. Later, John Paul decided to accept the offer knowing how much the job will help him.

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