Hollyoaks' Prince McQueen makes discovery about Rayne

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Prince McQueen has vowed to catch out Rayne Royce in Hollyoaks after discovering she's been abusing Romeo.

Friday's (September 22) first-look episode set the stage for the whodunit mystery playing out next week as viewers try to figure out how Rayne Royce will end up dead.

The beginning of this mystery has started playing out with Prince finding out how abusive Rayne has been to Romeo in recent weeks.

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Rayne was once again irate about her failed plan to attract the attention of Love Cave's producers with a weekend party at a mansion filled with fellow influencers. None of the famous influencers were planning to come, leading Rayne to once again lash out at Romeo by throwing a necklace at him.

After some advice from Lacey, Rayne decided she'd invite a bunch of their friends to the weekend getaway and then amp up the drama on her own.

Romeo tried to convince Prince to come along, but after Rayne's false rape allegation, Prince wanted nothing to do with her. However, Prince was horrified when he noticed some terrible scratch marks on Romeo's abdomen and demanded to know whether Rayne had been hurting him.

"It's nothing," a panicked Romeo insisted. "You know how it is sometimes when you get romantic, she gets a bit carried away. "

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Prince confided in brother Hunter about his worries for Romeo, explaining he could see the fear in Romeo's eyes when he asked about the scratches on his skin.

"I can't believe I didn't realise this earlier: she's abusing him," he told his brother.

Hunter and Prince made a pact to "expose" Rayne once and for all. With soap bosses already confirming that Rayne will be killed off during Stunt Week, will Prince become a prime suspect in her murder?

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