Hollyoaks' Mercedes McQueen faces big decision after Jacqui reunion

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Friday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Monday.

Mercedes was faced with a big decision in tonight's (December 8) Hollyoaks streaming episode, after her shocking reunion with sister Jacqui.

The village stalwart recently found out she was pregnant, after offering to give Leela Lomax a negative pregnancy test. Since finding out the news, Mercedes has been increasingly anxious over who the dad is after her ongoing affair with partner Felix's best friend Warren.

Last night (December 7) saw Mercedes seek guidance on what to do, before being surprised by her older sister's unexpected return as a nun.

hollyoaks claire cooper as jacqui mcqueen and jennifer metcalfe as mercedes mcqueen
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Tonight's episode saw the McQueen sisters reunite in a church, with Jacqui using tough love to get Mercedes to make a decision over Felix and Warren – who were left worried by her sudden disappearance.

"You are in no position to laugh at me. Are you set to be married, sleeping around, up the duff without a clue who the daddy is? Stupid, selfish sister, you'll never change," said Jacqui.

"I can't tell any of our lot about this. I need my big sister," confessed Mercedes, to which Jacqui bluntly replied: "You do this time and time again, you hit self destruct and then just clear everybody in your pathway. Weirdly you keep acting surprised about all the chaos you cause."

hollyoaks claire cooper as jacqui mcqueen and jennifer metcalfe as mercedes mcqueen
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Mercedes later confessed her love for Felix to Jacqui, admitting that she regrets the affair. "Look, if I could take it back then I would, but now Warren is in love with me and if he's the baby daddy this will hurt Felix on so many levels. He's already gone through a massive breakdown," she explained.

"I'm gonna be honest, I hope that that kiddie is Warren's because you deserve a despicable bloke. And Felix? He'll have dodged a bullet. Actually he'd be better off dead than having a future with dirty old you," declared Jacqui, much to Mercedes' anger.

Her sister's truths forced Mercedes to question her decisions and make an important realisation over her relationship with Felix. "Take control, make a decision," warned Jacqui before the pair said goodbye.

After the defining conversation, will Mercedes finally reveal all to Felix?

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