Hollyoaks' Juliet turns back to Peri after health scare

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Juliet Nightingale has turned back to ex-girlfriend Peri Lomax after her health scare in Hollyoaks.

Soap bosses have already confirmed that Juliet will be told she may have cancer after undergoing a series of tests at the hospital this week for numerous health problems.

This storyline started to play out in Monday's first-look episode when nurse Peri was the one to attend to Juliet's tests, leading to sparks flying for the former couple.

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Juliet was most concerned with making a lunch date with Nadira and her father, but she ultimately missed the important event when she was called back to the hospital.

Consultant Misbah Maalik explained to Juliet that she would need to have a biopsy because the test turned up a possibility of cancer.

Juliet was left reeling by the news, and rather than open up to partner Nadira, she went to Peri for comfort. She stopped short of revealing her medical news, but passion took hold as the former couple ended up sleeping together.

While it's not clear yet whether Juliet will confide in Peri or Nadira, actress Niamh Blackshaw has hinted that her diagnosis will be a massive turning point for Juliet.

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"I think the fact that she turns to Peri at a time when she's in such deep, emotional distress is probably an indicator of where her heart actually lies," she told Inside Soap recently.

"It's really awkward – I felt for Juliet in that scene. I'll leave you to see what happens because it is quite funny, and a bit of light relief in a story that's actually very serious."

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