Hollyoaks' John Paul makes another discovery in Carter story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Monday’s episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Tuesday.

Hollyoaks tonight showed John Paul making another shocking discovery in the ongoing Carter story as he found out that Carter slept with Maxine.

Previously, Carter's past was revealed during his ongoing conversion therapy storyline with John Paul. In the issue-based story, John Paul was horrified to learn that Carter had been trying to practise conversion therapy on him.

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Early on in the episode, John Paul tried to approach Carter, revealing that they’d slept together the night before.

But Carter said there was nothing to discuss and promptly shut down John Paul’s attempts at getting him to open up. Later, Carter held a budget meeting in the pub but was clearly distracted.

John Paul quickly found him, however, and told Carter he needed a word. The two then stepped outside with John Paul accusing Carter of running away from who he truly was. John Paul tried to console Carter and told him it’s okay to be gay, but Carter refused that he was, saying: “I need you to stay away from me. You make me sick.”

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Later, John Paul told Scott about a hate crime that happened to him and told him that he was sorry for their kiss the previous day. They promptly made up. Meanwhile, John Paul told Ste about his one night stand with Carter and Ste told him things could still work out.

Meanwhile, Carter distracted himself by buying Maxine a drink in the pub. John Paul and Ste discussed the difficulties of coming out, even in modern society, while John Paul cut the conversation short to help out Maxine.

John Paul arrived at Maxine’s, who said now wasn’t a good time. John Paul was then greeted with a nasty surprise — Carter emerged fresh from the shower with a towel around his waist, having slept with Maxine.

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