Hollyoaks flashback explains Vicky's collapse

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

A Hollyoaks flashback has revealed the truth behind Vicky Grant's collapse.

Friday's E4 first-look episode capped off a week of uncertainty over Vicky's condition, after she collapsed during the kids' camping trip and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Viewers learned that there was more than met the eye to Vicky's hospitalisation as her friends Charlie and Leah struggled to keep some damning secrets under wraps.

During the week's final visit to Chester, Vicky's mum Caitlin was furious when her daughter's first words after waking up were to ask for Scott.

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Caitlin unleashed her fury on Vicky's foster dad, telling him she would make sure that he never had the chance to be a foster parent again after letting Vicky go on the doomed camping trip.

However, Caitlin saw the bond between Scott and Vicky, forcing her to admit to her daughter that she wasn't ready to accept the responsibility of having Vicky move in with her.

At the same time, Charlie was panicking over the police visiting Nancy to ask about the camping trip. Charlie openly worried in a secret conversation with Leah about the potential of returning to the youth offender home.

With Ella realising the two were hiding something, the situation only got worse when Vicky confided in boyfriend DeMarcus that she hadn't taken a pill before her collapse.

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DeMarcus went round to confront Charlie and things got physical between them, leading to Charlie getting injured. This argument led directly to a flashback where the truth was finally exposed…

Viewers saw Charlie and Leah at the campsite planning to share an ecstasy pill, but after they dropped it in a drink, Vicky grabbed the cup by mistake. As a result, Vicky accidentally drank the spiked alcohol.

Will Charlie and Leah's secret be exposed?

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