Hollyoaks airs Rayne's exit scene in Channel 4 streaming episode

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from the show's hour-long special, which is available to watch now on Channel 4 streaming.

Hollyoaks has aired Rayne Royce's final episode, sparking a major new whodunit mystery.

Rayne was killed off in the closing moments of the show's hour-long special, which was released on Channel 4's streaming service on Monday evening (September 25).

Show bosses had announced plans for Rayne's murder earlier this month, but the exact details and cause of death were kept under wraps until transmission.

Hollyoaks' special episode saw Rayne's twisted nature finally exposed to everyone during the luxury villa party that she'd arranged to impress the producers of reality series Love Cave.

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Rayne invited Romeo Nightingale, Prince McQueen, Hunter McQueen, Phoenix Hathaway, Zoe Anderson, Lacey Lloyd, Lizzie Chen-Williams, Nadira Valli and her talent agent Faye Fuller to join in the celebrations.

Sadly for Rayne, there were a few surprises that she wasn't expecting as her arch-nemesis Peri Lomax gatecrashed proceedings alongside Brent – Rayne's supposedly-dead ex-boyfriend.

In full glare of the cameras set up to record the event for social media, Peri skilfully exposed Rayne's many lies and manipulations. This jeopardised Rayne's influencer career, with social media platforms threatening to pull her accounts as she'd lied about Brent's apparent suicide.

Rayne's evil abuse of her boyfriend Romeo was also exposed, as Peri walked in on her attacking him in a moment of rage.

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Rayne's long-awaited comeuppance sent her into meltdown as she also confessed to lying about Prince attacking her, which cleared his name after weeks of suspicion.

The ruthless influencer also proudly admitted that she'd used all of her so-called friends for her own purposes.

As the group went their separate ways to process the dramatic sequence of events, they were soon called to the pool by Rayne's automated speaker.

The gang were horrified to find Rayne's lifeless body in the pool. Although Romeo jumped into the water to rescue Rayne, he soon realised that it was too late as she was already gone.

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A tearful Romeo shouted: "She's dead. Who did this? Who did this? Someone here did this to her."

Does Romeo's emotional question rule him out of the whodunit mystery, or is he already covering his own tracks?

Hollyoaks' hour-long special will get its first TV airing on E4 tomorrow (September 26). Moving forward, episodes will premiere first on Channel 4 streaming at 7.30pm each evening.

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From Monday, September 25, Hollyoaks will stream first online via Channel 4 each weekday. Episodes then air on E4 the following day, before getting their YouTube premiere a week after that.

Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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