Hollyoaks airs alarming cliffhanger as DeMarcus is attacked

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has aired a shocking cliffhanger where DeMarcus Westwood was viciously attacked. The disturbing beating took place as a means for local drugs dealer Taz to intimidate DeMarcus's dad Felix into cancelling the opening of his youth club.

Tuesday's first-look episode (May 22) saw DeMarcus encouraging Felix to push ahead with the youth club opening, in spite of the recent pushback from Taz.

Mercedes worked to clean up the club following its trashing, and there was even more good news as the stolen games consoles turned up outside. Viewers know Charlie stole them to pay back Taz for his drug debt.

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Felix was able to go ahead with the launch and gave an inspiring speech to the kids, though the mood was dampened when Taz and his gang showed up to intimidate Felix.

DeMarcus tried to defuse the situation, only for Felix to step and warn Taz that he wasn't someone who backs down to threats. Taz backed off, but not before swiping the keys to the club.

With the confrontation behind them, DeMarcus admitted to Felix that he wasn't comfortable with the threatening manner his dad used to get rid of Taz.

Felix confessed it worried him the way DeMarcus refused to stand up for himself. The teen's stance was put to the test later when Taz and his gang confronted DeMarcus and Vicky.

DeMarcus stood up to Taz, and when the dealer propositioned his girlfriend, this was the final straw. The teen lunged at Taz, but soon found himself outnumbered against the members of the gang.

demarcus westwood, scott drinkwell and felix westwood in hollyoaks
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Vicky cried out for Felix to come help DeMarcus, but he discovered the doors had been intentionally jammed so he couldn't leave the building during the attack.

"They're going to kill him," Vicky called out in terror.

The situation is set to drive a further wedge between father and son because DeMarcus will blame dad Felix for inciting the volatile Taz.

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