Hollyoaks to air more twists in Carter mystery story

The following article contains a discussion of sexual assault and hate crimes.

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has confirmed more twists in the mystery surrounding newcomer Carter Shepherd.

The new Hollyoaks High headteacher has struck up a friendship with John Paul McQueen, though the latter has no idea Carter is the father of the student, Freya, injured in last year's mini-bus crash.

Goldie McQueen is convinced that Carter is trying to get revenge on John Paul, even after his identity is revealed and he insists that he has forgiven John Paul for his part in Freya's injury.

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In scenes airing next week, Goldie goes as far as to question Freya in the schoolyard about her father's intentions. Carter actually catches Goldie doing this and comes up with a way to put it all behind them.

Carter offers Goldie a job in the school canteen so they can hopefully get to know each other. Still not convinced of Carter's innocence, Goldie still accepts the job because she's short on cash.

By the time Goldie's first day comes around, she alarms Sally by insisting this new gig is a chance to catch Carter out for his ulterior motives.

At the same time, Hunter is alarmed to find a love letter from Carter's daughter Freya. Hunter tries to confide in Carter, and the Headteacher offers to support him.

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Still, Hunter is struggling with the public knowing that Freya tried to kiss him. His family are worried that Hunter may go as far as giving up his teaching career to remove himself from the situation.

John Paul faces struggles on his own as he continues grappling with being the victim of a homophobic attack recently.

Carter attempts to lend a supportive ear, though he stuns John Paul by bringing up the trauma his friend endured years ago due to being raped by student Finn O'Connor.

He suggests John Paul try to return to the scene of his attack, The Loft, to get past his trauma. John Paul eventually heads out to the night spot and even chats up a guy called Billy at the bar.

However, once John Paul is out of sight, Carter intervenes to warns Billy not to get involved with John Paul. John Paul walks in just as this conversation is happening and angrily orders Carter to leave.

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Carter tries to smooth things over by assuring John Paul he just wants what's best for him and encourages him not to settle for the first guy who chatted him up.

At bingo the next night, John Paul struggles with flashbacks of his attack and has to run out of the event. Carter soon meets up with a mysterious stranger – unaware that Goldie and Mercedes are watching him.

When they hear Carter bring up John Paul's name, Goldie is convinced she was right about him all along. What is Carter up to?

From Monday, September 25, Hollyoaks will stream first online via Channel 4 each weekday. Episodes then air on E4 the following day, before getting their YouTube premiere a week after that.

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