Hoda Kotb’s Beloved 2-Ingredient Snack Is So Good We Could Eat It by the Bucket

What a tasty combo.

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If there’s one thing we know about the “Today” anchors, it’s that they love to talk about their favorite foods. Maybe waking up at 3 a.m. has you hankering for a hearty meal by the 7 a.m. air time. We don't know.

Whatever the reason, we love hearing about the fast food meal Savannah Guthrie eats every day or Al Roker’s ideal breakfast sandwich. But, there’s one “Today” anchor who always seems to have the most polarizing food choices: Hoda Kotb.

Whether it's her habit of snacking in bed or her love of crackers with melty cheese, Kotb tends to spark the interest of her fellow anchors. And, no, it’s not because all the snacks start with Ritz crackers. Because she recently shared another two-ingredient concoction she loves—with no Ritz in sight—and she was still met with some quizzical looks.

But don’t worry, Hoda, we understand you!

Hoda Kotb's 2-Ingredient Snack

On National Snack Day (March 4), Kotb and her co-anchors shared their favorite foods to enjoy when they’re feeling snacky. Guthrie said Doritos, Carson Daly opted for beef jerky, and Dylan Dreyer said Ruffles with onion dip.

But, ever the deviator, Kotb had a new combo: Fritos and French onion dip.

“[My favorites] are the scoop Fritos,” she said on "Today." “You know why you need a scoop? So you can get the onion dip. I love a French onion dip.”

“I’ve never had that combination,” said Dreyer, who immediately tried it.

Don’t worry, though, Kotb wasn’t on her own with this combination.

“It’s really good,” Guthrie agreed.

Fritos Scoops are the thicker, heftier version of the OG corn chip that are, obviously, better for dipping.

While Frito-Lay makes dips specific to Fritos corn chips, like Bean Dip, Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese Dip, and Mild Cheddar Dip, it doesn’t have a Fritos-specific French onion dip. So, maybe you never thought to dunk your salty corn chip into your favorite creamy French onion dip. But Hoda Kotb did and it seems like a game-changer.

She didn’t say exactly which French onion dip she buys—maybe it’s Frito-Lay’s jarred variety or Heluva Good! or Dean’s fan-favorite refrigerated variety. Or, heck, maybe she makes her own. She does enjoy a simple queso from the back of the Ro-tel can—and we all know a packet of Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix with sour cream (and maybe mayo) makes the best French onion dip around.

Whatever variety she chooses, we know we’ve loved Kotb’s food creations before, so Fritos and French onion dip might become our new snack staple. And, just saying, her other favorite food, Ritz, would probably be pretty great in French onion dip, too. What do you think, Hoda?

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