HIMYM Fans Are Nostalgic Over Hulu's How I Met Your Father Spinoff — and One Particular Set!

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How I met your father
How I met your father


How I Met Your Father is bringing all the nostalgia, and fans are loving it!

Hulu's new How I Met Your Mother spinoff got fans talking on Tuesday after the first two episodes premiered on the streaming service — and included a very familiar set.

In the premiere episode of HIMYF, which stars Hilary Duff as the lead character Sophie, a new gang of millennials moves into the old apartment of beloved HIMYM characters, Ted Mosby, Marshall Erikson and Lily Aldrin.

The new tenants, Sid and Jesse (Suraj Sharma and Chris Lowell, respectively), were revealed at the end of the episode, with the duo explaining that they found the apartment on a Wesleyan alumni internet group.

Following the reveal, it didn't take long for viewers to notice the iconic sitcom set and share their excitement on Twitter.

"Not me tearing up when I saw the apartment at the end #HIMYF" wrote one user on Twitter.

"When they walked into the apartment in How I Met Your Father 🥺 #HIMYF" tweeted another person.

Several Twitter users shared snaps of the new apartment design on HIMYF in comparison to the old interior from HIMYM.

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"STOPPPP THE APARTMENT IN #HIMYF" tweeted another person. "😭😭😭 I can't even believe this"

"this apartment is making me so emotional i miss himym 😢 #HIMYF" added someone else.

Others spoke about the show's humor and pacing, with some Twitter users comparing the show to HIMYM, which ran from 2005 to 2014.

"The problem is that with reviews, they are wanting the magic of 200+ episodes from HIMYM to somehow appear in 40 something minutes of screen time on #HIMYF. Certainly an unfair thing to do. Give this show time for the relationships to develop," tweeted one user.

"'How I Met Your Father' is actually off to a really great start! I just hope @hulu & fans of the original give it a chance to find its stride," wrote someone else.

Several Twitter conversations also focused on Duff's involvement, as well as Kim Cattrall, who plays the older version of Sophie.

"Even though HIMYM wasn't my thing, #HIMYF couldn't be more my thing! It instantly hooked me because of Hilary Duff and Kim Cattrall (!!!), and then the entire cast's chemistry sold me," wrote one fan.

"And just like that…. We found Samantha. #HowIMetYourFather #HIMYF" tweeted someone else, referring to HBO Max's Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That…, which Cattrall opted out of.

"The main reason I'm watching How I Met Your Father is because I'm pretending it's the Lizzie McGuire reboot. I hope Gordo shows up! 😂 #HIMYF" joked another user, referencing Duff's iconic role on the Disney series.

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Though two episodes have been released, there's still lots of mystery to come in HIMYF.

It's already been revealed that the father has already been introduced. However, if the spinoff is anything like HIMYM, fans will have to wait a while before they know who really won Sophie's heart in the end.

New episodes of HIMYF drop every Tuesday on Hulu.

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