This hilarious reenactment of a kid’s birthday party invitation will make you feel so seen

birthday party invitation tiktok
Jamie Aderski/TikTok

Oh, kids’ birthday parties. You love to hate them, but they’re a necessary evil — birthdays are exciting milestones for little ones, and celebrating with all their friends is a rite of passage (and a lot of fun for the kids). But one mom’s TikTok video reenacting a kids’ birthday party invitation is going viral for how very on-the-nose it is, and if you’ve experienced your fair share of these parties, you’ll laugh through the pain at this.

“We are thrilled to invite you to Trudy’s fifth birthday party!” she announces in the video.

The confused mom in the skit responds saying, “Thanks! Sure… Um, all of us?”

A natural response because no one ever knows, are these invitations for one kid? All the kids? The whole family?

“Oh, just your daughter,” the invitation clarifies. “But we will need one of you to stay the entire time and supervise… everyone. And maybe help clean up a little bit. But don’t come hungry!”

Yep, that tracks.

Next, the mom receiving the invitation naturally wants to know when the party is taking place. We bet you can already guess.

“Whichever Saturday morning you’re busiest, you know, with sports and stuff? It’s that Saturday,” the invitation says. “And it starts at 10 a.m., but we’ll need you to be here at 9:30 to fill out the waiver.”

It then continues, “Just a quick note from my lawyer: If you bring a sibling, you will be required to present two gifts with a combined monetary value of $50 or more. Failure to comply will result in the sharing of one piece of cake and a goody bag and the public shaming of both of your children.”

That may be the most relatable part, actually.

The invitation continues to say the party will include a “peanut breathalyzer test,” and that a response is needed right away because the mom hosting the party needs to know how much “ever-staining slime” to include in the goody bags. Relatably, at that point, the receiving mom decides to just politely decline the invitation. Ain’t nobody got time for ever-staining slime (again).

The most hilarious part of this video? All the parents in the comments admitting they’re guilty of these parties — and these invitations. And so the cycle continues.