Hilarious moment a gardener slips down a walkway - tipping a wheelbarrow of soil onto his head

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Story and video from SWNS

This is the hilarious moment a gardener slips as he walks down a ramp with a wheelbarrow of soil - and tips it all on his head.

Alan Harker, 54, was levelling his lawn and had to move the excess soil from his garden to the skip in his driveway in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

He was reversing the barrow down a narrow ramp that took him over a wall only to lose his footing, fall on his front and tip the entire contents over his head.

He said: "I’m fine, just a bit bruised! You saw my missus appearing to take a photograph, but she did ask if I was all right first."

His wife, Tracy Harker, then comes out to help her husband, who was buried in soil.

Engineer Alan added: "It's funny my missus just can't stop laughing about it, we put it out to friends and family and they keep coming back laughing.

"The insult to injury is the contents of the wheelbarrow lands on top me."