The highlight of the Patriots game was a LeBron-worthy flop

To say the regular-season finale between the New England Patriots and New York Jets was anti-climactic is being kind. The Patriots won 26-6, sewing up the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs, and the Jets, who refused to play Christian Hackenberg at quarterback, couldn’t convert a third down.

But it was Johnson Bademosi to the rescue.

The Patriots’ defensive back had a flop that would make Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James proud in the second half of the game, on his team’s sideline.

Floptastic: New England Patriots cornerback Johnson Bademosi had a dramatic overreaction to being hit with a football. (AP)

Jets receiver Robby Anderson fell well out of bounds trying to pull in a Bryce Petty pass. Anderson couldn’t get his feet down for a completion, and when he got up, he spiked the ball. Bademosi, with his helmet on but also a giant navy blue parka – it was 13 degrees at Gillette Stadium at game time – was walking toward Anderson just as he was spiking, and the ball hit him on the facemask on the rebound.

But Bademosi opted to play it up in the aftermath.

Why did Bademosi decide to flop so dramatically? Who knows.

But it gave us a funny moment in an otherwise boring game, so we thank him.

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