Hey, UT Austin: You have a responsibility to Texas, not to ESPN or your bank account

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Not actually a Texas brain drain

Texans owe the runaway Democrats a big thank-you. By the recent stunt they pulled, they have unknowingly raised the average IQ of Texans remaining in the state.

- Dexter Gatlin, Bedford

There are degrees of blame on Jan. 6

Which is worse: Having been unprepared for a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol or having inspired the assault by claiming the election was stolen and continuing to promulgate the “big lie”?

I heard neither House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy nor Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell issue warnings in advance of the attack. Nor did U.S. Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio or Jim Banks of Indiana, who apparently were in the best position to know of an impending insurrection.

- Paul Hartman, Fort Worth

This isn’t a lacrosse kind of town

I’ve been shocked that my beloved city of 53 years doesn’t have a professional sports team. A story on Thursday’s front page talked about a pro soccer team coming to the area. (“Talks of youth soccer complex, Fort Worth pro team heat up”) All I can say is, it’s about time.

I would like to know whose big idea it was to sign a lease agreement for a professional lacrosse team at Dickies Arena. I think people would choose pro hockey over lacrosse any day.

If cities such as Allen, Tulsa and Wichita can support minor-league hockey, then our city of almost 1 million residents can, too.

- Don Paul Yandell, Haslet

Texas needs something else

Mac Engel has a problem with Texas A&M, and I don’t have a problem with that. He’s in good company. But in his Monday column, “How University of Texas treated Texas Tech should be illegal,” (1B) about Texas joining the SEC, he makes light of the fact that A&M only appeared in two Big 12 championship games while Texas was also in the conference. And, yes, Texas has won three Big 12 championship games in 24 years — what a powerhouse.

What Engel fails to mention is that Texas has not won a Big 12 championship football game since the Aggies left. For the record, I’m kind of glad the Longhorns want to join the Aggies in the SEC. It’s obvious they need a team to motivate them a bit more.

- Jeff Murray, Fort Worth

UT has a major responsibility

In regard to the University of Texas at Austin moving to the SEC: UT has an implied responsibility to the people of Texas. You don’t help yourself at the expense of someone else. A rising tide lifts all boats. UT is causing a low tide.

I ask leadership at UT: How does this move help the state? What does the university expect to accomplish, except to further line its athletic pockets? Do you have a conscience or are you sociopaths? Change your name to the University of Take Advantage of Everyone or the University of ESPN.

Remember, what goes up comes down. What starts finishes. What begins ends. The future of UT is questionable without the support of the people of Texas.

- Charles B. Florio, Fort Worth

It isn’t just about yourself

This past week, I canceled three appointments with dear, well-educated friends. As an 82-year-old, I’ve been advised not to be near unvaccinated people, and all three hadn’t been.

Are you crazy? What in the world are you thinking? Nearly 200 million Americans have been vaccinated and 99.5% are protected, whereas 99.5% of those being hospitalized for COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

For your sake, and that of those you care about and others you are in contact with, get the dang shots.

- Rick Weintraub, Mansfield

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