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Here's why you shouldn't tell a bartender to 'surprise' you, according to a bartender: 'This has actually happened to me'

A bartender is going viral on TikTok after reenacting a common request he gets at work that also happens to be one of his biggest pet peeves: the “surprise me” order.

In the clip, @benjispears stands behind the bar taking drink orders, as he does on a typical shift. After taking care of some customers, he turns to a woman off-camera who appears to be waiting for a drink.

“Hi honey, what can I get for you?” he asks while leaning forward to hear what she wants.

But instead of giving him a specific order, the woman tells him, “Surprise me!”

It’s hard to miss the mild annoyance on the bartender’s face when he hears this, but he does as he’s told and starts whipping up a mystery concoction that involves a heavy pour of clear liquor.

Once the customer gets her drink, however, she hesitates before taking a sip.

“Um, is that pineapple?” she asks, to which the bartender replies, “Yes, it is.”

“I’m deathly allergic,” she informs him before the server grabs her drink angrily and tosses it out in the sink.

“I mean, I don’t get you people,” @benjispears snaps back, asking why customers often tell him to “surprise” them if there are certain ingredients that are totally off-limits.

“Like, let’s start with the base,” he suggests before moving on and grabbing a beer.

“You know what, I have my favorite drink for you,” he says to the woman as he pops the bottle cap off and hands it to her. “There you go, babe.”

Benji’s video has since gone viral, racking up more than 5.6 million views and counting.

A lot of people find the clip to be hilarious, even if it is a bit intense.

“I love angry bartender energy,” one person admitted.

“The realest bartender,” another commented.

Others thought Benji was being a bit too harsh.

“why are u so mad… BABE!” one person asked.

“you would’ve made me cry,” someone else told him.

But the vast majority of people agreed with the bartender, saying that something like this is only OK in specific situations.

“the only time i’ve said this is when i was rlly friends w the bartender and i told him make me your fav sweet drink,” one person said.

“Your attitude is warranted idk what these people talking about,” another TikToker added.

But the worst part (according to some people) was that the customer could have easily stopped the whole thing from even happening by simply being upfront.

“The way she WATCHED you make it and said nothing….” one person pointed out.

“This has actually happened to me,” another bartender chimed in. “Someone with a pineapple allergy asked me to surprise them with a sweet drink!!!!”

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