Here's why running backs and starting pitchers are the same in fantasy

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What if I told you that running backs and starting pitchers were exactly the same in the fantasy space?

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If that sounded excessively mysterious, it shouldn’t. There are actually a few reasons why this makes sense, even though we’re talking about two completely different positions in two completely different sports, much less two completely different fantasy sports.

Fantasy analysts Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don discuss this concept in the video above.

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Both our analysts agree with this sentiment of starting pitchers and running backs being two sides of the same coin. Scott points out that in both fantasy sports, SPs and RBs present positions with high volatility, but also with the highest upside. Both come with high injury risks, but an even higher reward if they stay healthy. Take running backs for instance. If you hit a home run on one of those star workhorses, you dramatically increase your chances at a fantasy trophy.

The same goes with pitching; if your top starters stay healthy and deliver on their potential, a championship will be within reach.

Most recently, Dalton took five straight running backs in a fantasy football draft, and if faced with the opportunity he’ll probably take five straight pitchers in a fantasy baseball one!

And he explains that’s why you need to load up on these positions because it doesn’t matter how good of a drafter you are, the odds are that you’re going to miss at least once — might as well have options!

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