Here's why Queen Consort Camilla signed off her recent tweet with an 'R'

If you've been on social media at all in the last few hours – who hasnt!? TBH – then you'll likely have come across Queen Consort Camilla's latest tweet.

In the tweet, Camilla thanked guests who'd earlier attended a charity event hosted at Buckingham Palace, writing: "Today, a remarkable group of people gathered at Buckingham Palace with one aim – to see the end of violence against women and girls. I was deeply moved and inspired by their stories."

The royal went on, "With determination and courage, we will see the end of these heinous crimes forever – Camilla R". And it's this sign off that has really got people talking, with many wondering why she signed off with an 'R', as well as what it stands for.

While you'd be forgiven for thinking the 'R' means 'royal', it in fact stands for 'regina' – which translates to Queen in Latin. Royal fans will certainly be familiar with the use of the letter 'R', as Queen Elizabeth II signed off this way too.

Like his mum, King Charles III also signs off with an 'R', but his stands for for 'rex' – meaning King.

why queen consort camilla signs off her tweets with an 'r'
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The tradition of signing off with the initial can be traced back through the centuries of the British monarchy. "It designates the authority of the sovereign. You will find the use of 'R' as far back as Henry I [who ruled in the early 12th century]," historian Marlene Koenig explained to Harpers Bazaar. "It is how they sign all official documents, as well as formal letters, etc."

Like Camilla, consorts (spouses of the sovereign) of bygone years have also signed off their communications with the initial, however, Queen Elizabeth's late husband bucked this trend. In fact, Prince Philip had a more informal approach to his sign offs, simply writing: 'Philip.'

The more you know, eh!?

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