Here's What Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Said to Each Other on the Field After the Chiefs Won

super bowl lviii san francisco 49ers v kansas city chiefs
Here's What Tay and Trav Whispered on the FieldMichael Owens - Getty Images

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl after a truly tense game that went into overtime and ended with a touchdown mere seconds before the clock ran out, and everyone (except the 49ers, sorry to them) was in a celebratory mood. Though, obviously all eyes were on Taylor Swift, who booked it down to the field to congratulate Travis Kelce in a moment so cute we've watched it multiple times.

In case you missed it: Here's Trav taking off his hat to kiss and hug Taylor, while she says a buncha encouraging (and hard to hear due to everyone screaming) things in his ear. Sooooo, what did Taylor say?

According to @popbase on Instagram, Trav greeted Taylor with "come here girl" before kissing her (I heard "baby girl," but whatever):

Travis then appears to have taken a break from kissing/hugging Taylor (😭) to ask, "Was it electric?" to which she responded, "It was unbelievable. One of the craziest things I've ever experienced!"

FYI, Taylor and Travis ended up attending the Chiefs after-party following the game, where they were spotted kissing and dancing to "Love Story:"

They were also seen pointing to each other during "You Belong With Me," and there are multiple angles of them being all cute about it:

Oh, and at the end of the night, Taylor was seen leaving in Travis' black sparkly jacket (before you ask, yes, it's giving Reputation):

All in all an iconic night for these two (and the rest of us).

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