Here's The Outlook On Those Insane Egg Prices In 2023

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Egg prices are simply out of control. Without question, the egg shortage has hands down been the hottest food topic of the new year. Months after dealing with record-high egg prices, many people are still confused about the shortage, with the most pressing concern for many being, "When will it end?!"

Thankfully, while egg prices likely won't drastically decrease overnight, change appears to be on the way. According to Axios, the United States Department of Agriculture reports that the average price of a dozen eggs is down more than 40 percent from December. Despite that welcome decrease, eggs are still far more expensive than they were two years ago.

Elsewhere, there's even more positive news about egg prices. Sam Krouse, co-CEO of North Manchester, Indiana's MPS Egg Farms, recently shared with Inside Indiana Business that we think we'll see relief in a matter of weeks.

“So, if we look at wholesale markets for eggs, which tend to be a leading indicator of where eggs in the retail space are going, they have been coming down since the start of the year,” Krouse said. “So, hopefully shoppers will start to see some relief at the shelf here in the next few weeks and certainly months.”

As we wait for egg prices to come down, some people have found alternate methods of getting their hands on the protein. The New York Times reports that in the wake of the egg shortage, there has been increased interest in raising chickens at home.

“As there are more and more shortages, it’s driving more people to want to raise their own food," Ginger Stevenson, director of marketing at Murray McMurray Hatchery in Iowa, revealed to The New York Times.

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For those who have no desire to raise their own chickens, you can find the occasional deal on eggs at a handful of grocery stores. Late last month, @costcohotfinds on Instagram spotted two-dozen organic, free-range eggs at Costco for $7.29. Additionally, The Sun reported in mid-January that Trader Joe's egg prices were nearly 50 percent cheaper than other grocery stores.

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